6 unbelievably common ways you might be wasting your life!

6 unbelievably common ways you might be wasting your life!

Too many people spend too much of their time in and on activities that really are wasteful. 

Too many people, as a result, end up wasting massive chunks of their lives…and, as a result, end up wasting massive opportunities for happiness. 

But if you want more happiness, becoming more aware of these time wasters can be the first step to getting your life back on track with more useful activities; and that's why I'm sharing this great article with you today…

via MarcAndAngel by Marc Chernoff

What we truly need to do is often what we most feel like avoiding.

If we don’t go after what we want, we will never get it.  If we don’t ask the right questions, we will always get the wrong answers.  If we don’t take a step forward, we are always going to be standing in the same exact place.  Life is a journey comprised of small steps.  The key is to take these steps, every single day.

We know this already, right?

But how often are we stuck in a cycle of worry, fear, and other forms of overthinking?  How often are we aimlessly distracted?  And how often do we procrastinate?

After consistently working on my mindfulness and time management habits, I’ve become reasonably proficient at getting things done with minimal distraction and procrastination.

Today, for example, I wrote a 1000-word email newsletter, proof-read and cleaned up a chapter in a new book Angel and I are co-writing, coached one of our Getting Back to Happy students, responded to comments and emails from dozens of students and readers, worked on business planning and strategizing for a few active side-projects, spent a quality evening with my family, and of course now I’m writing this post.

It might seem like a lot, but it happens one step at a time, with presence and focus.

With that said, however, I’ll be the first to admit that I still struggle with some detrimental habits that sneak up on me and get in the way of my effectiveness.  And these are super common habits among my friends, family, acquaintances, and students alike – these are the things we all do that end up wasting our lives, one precious moment at a time.  The word “waste” may sound overly dramatic, but it’s really not.  After spending the past decade coaching thousands of people, and working through my own personal issues, there’s little doubt that these are the most popular ways we all collectively waste our lives:

1.  We waste our lives with meaningless distractions.

Distractions are both more damaging and more tempting than we realize.  When we fill our lives with distractions, it’s often because we’re scared of what life might really be like without constant social media, video games, television, snacks, music, etc.  Don’t numb yourself with relentless noise.  Don’t let distractions hold you back.  Control your distractions before your distractions control you.

As an internet entrepreneur, online distractions are a huge one for me.  I can be in the middle of working on something important, get distracted by an email notification that leads to a new article from one of my favorite websites (which likely links out to some other website), and POOF… an hour of my time is gone!

To overcome this, I do my best to eliminate distractions, but sometimes they still pop up.  So I have a ritual where I pause once every 30 minutes to take a deep breath and stretch for 10 seconds.  By taking this break I’m able to catch myself when I’ve gotten lost again.  Then I’ll clear the distraction, close any unnecessary computer windows (noise), and just have one small task in front of me… and try to stick with it until it’s finished…

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