From little things, big things grow…even happiness!

From little things, big things grow…even happiness!

via MindBodyGreen by Tom Casano 

If we do more of the things that make us happier, we will be happier. Pretty obvious, right? So, what's the holdup? Maybe the thing that makes you happy feels too time-consuming, too expensive, too daunting, or something else. Rather than let your fear paralyze you, though, why not start with the little things?

Taking small steps toward happiness energizes us and gives us the confidence we need to make more profound changes over time. With that in mind, here are 14 easy, fun ways to get happier right now:

1. Pet an animal.

Spending time with pets can be therapeutic and relieves stress. Don't have a fluff-ball of your own? Pet-sit for a friend or volunteer at a local animal shelter. The animals will appreciate your TLC, and their cuddly way of showing gratitude is a major mood boost.

2. Envision someone having the best day of their life, right now.

Someone somewhere is marrying the love of his/her life, celebrating a promotion, or has just won the lottery. By focusing on the good in the world and the lives of people around us, we begin to feel more optimistic about our own happiness. Just try it.

3. Take a walk (or a run).

Elle Woods wasn't wrong in Legally Blonde when she said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” (I'll bet you can finish that line for me.) Truthfully, though, if you're in search of a quick buzz, a 20-minute circuit workout is going to have a more positive effect than a glass of wine: It's that simple…

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And PS: it might be obvious but it's worth noting that not every item on this list will appear relevant or appropriate for you. But that's OK. Even if you can pick up just one or two tips that could still make a massive difference : )