For a happier and more meaningful life…get out and get active

For a happier and more meaningful life…get out and get active

via PickTheBrain by Jesse Fernandez

“Happiness is a state of activity.” Aristotle

You know that feeling you get of having sporadic moods circulating throughout the day but usually the darker and grayer emotions have a tendency to consume you the most? I am talking about the sad, gloomy, and depressed feelings you wish to swat away.

One side of you depends on the thought of maybe perhaps being in a happier place and waiting for life to somehow change your current situation for the better. While, the other side of you is certain that this will be a recurring feeling that you will not dig yourself out of and living a calm and significant life is not within your reach.

Your mind is powerful that it controls your perception on life, however, what if you were able to ease the mind, allow it to decompress, reset itself, and change your perception so that you live a significant and more meaningful life?

Moving or being active is synonymous with the physical effect of life. Active can be defined as engaged in action, motion, or quite simply being in the state of existence. But regardless of the evident, being active actually develops a synchronization of both your physical and mental state, that if used together this harmonious act will reward you, exponentially and alter your mindset, into a path of pure bliss and happiness.

And as you’re probably aware, life is exhausting as it is. Worn out with your usual daily regimen. Anything involving you being active might seem as a daunting or intimidating task. However, the effects of an active body manifests into a positive and supportive habitat for your mind and perception on life.

The 44 reasons below will serve as awareness to the profound benefits of being active, simply by being active is the bare minimum to discovering the potential connection and integration between the body and mind.

1) It showers you in self-gratification. The thought of overcoming physical limitations or seeing incremental results from an active lifestyle goes a long way in boosting your confidence and overall self appreciation, that’s vital for a positive outlook.

2) Embedding a schedule and an importance around being active adds structure to your life by developing an understanding of what it means to commit yourself to something meaningful and reapplying it into other areas of your life.

3) It removes you from life’s worries. When you’re exercising, jogging, or performing any form of activity there’s no time to bring your worries with you. The only thing you focus on is the task at hand.

4) Staying active trains you to participate in other endeavors. You’re happy when you healthy. When you can attend a sporting activity with friends, go out and enjoy a day with your significant other or simple engage in play with you kids or grand-kids, life becomes more enjoyable.

5) In the process of being active you acquire humility and you respect your limitations. Your body has limitations and while you goals for activeness might range from moderate to difficult, you will understand when you have plateaued. Its great to reach your limits only to scale back and push even further the next go around…

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