23 ways to improve your life right now!

23 ways to improve your life right now!

via the Huffington Post by R L Adams

All of us want to improve our lives. We want to move forward rather than be left behind, to make progress rather than suffer defeat, and to enjoy a life filled with success rather than one littered with failure.

Yet the desire to improve our lives isn’t something new; it’s existed since the dawn of time. And while our technological march and quest for innovation have been constant and ever-evolving in the macro sense, the greater desire to improve our lives, individually, remains at the heart of all that we think, say, and do.

While droves of people work on our behalf to improve the state of our world, which includes the speed of our communications, advancements of our technologies, the sustainability of our long-term health, and the efficiency of our education systems, just to name a few, most of us are more caught up trying to understand how we can improve our lives on a personal level.

What are some of the best ways that we can stop, right now, and instantly improve our lives?

While there are likely hundreds, or even thousands of things we can do to improve ourselves over time, there are 23 specific actions we can take to improve our lives at this very moment, right here and right now.

#1 — State what you’re grateful for

The mind gets whatever it focuses on. You reap what you sow. Focus on problems, and you’ll see more problems. But focus of positivity, and you’ll get more of just that. Take the time, right now, to list off everything you’re grateful for, no matter how small it might be.

#2 — Set meaningful goals

One way to instantly improve your life right now is to set meaningful goals. Not goals that are superficial; goals that have deep-rooted significance in your life, based on things like family, security, freedom, safety, and contribution. Take 15 minutes to write them out.

#3 — Live in the present moment

We spend a lot of our time regretting things in our past or worrying about the future. Fear, anxiety, stress, and worry can do a number on us. I know that it’s hard to move past that. But if we’re going to have any degree of mental and emotional stability, we need to be present in the here and now.

#4 — Stop making assumptions

One way to improve your life almost instantaneously is to stop making assumptions. All we have to do is stop assuming and calm the mind. Whatever happens will happen. Whatever people will say, they will say. No amount of over-thinking is going to change all of that. All you have to do is to keep a sound mind and allow things to play out. You’ll feel much better overall.

#5 — Don’t take things personally

It’s hard not to taking things personally. We’re emotional beings, some of us more so than others. But, the less we take things personally, the more at peace we’ll be with ourselves. It’s not everyone’s intention to harm us by doing what they’re doing. They’re likely more interested in benefiting themselves…

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