8 great questions to ask for more happiness…

8 great questions to ask for more happiness…

Sometimes happiness is not in having all the answers. 

Sometimes happiness will come from having the right questions. 

Check out these 8 great happiness related questions from limitless

Ask yourself the right questions to know where you are on your happiness journey.

A simple way to introspect is to ask yourself questions. The better the questions, the more insights on life you learn along the way. Since happiness is a pursuit of every breathing, walking person on earth, it’s a good idea to ask yourself questions that can help you get a clearer understanding of what makes you happy and, ultimately, finding happiness. Here are 8 questions you should start with.

1. What are the five things in life that you most cherish?

Most of us don’t quite know what it is that we cherish in our lives. Naturally, we fail to value the things that we care the most about, and give undue importance to things that we’d otherwise pass on. Knowing what we love the most in our lives helps us pay special attention to them, and therefore, lead a happier life.

2. What would you do in life even if no one paid you for doing it?

Most of us take up jobs for the wrong reasons. Some of us try to become engineers or doctors so we could have a safe job and earn a lot of money. Some others try to start their businesses because they don’t want to work under anyone else. The best profession for you is one that you’d do even if no one paid you for it — that would be a career that’d make you happy.

3. What are you strengths and qualities?

Too often we worry about our weaknesses. We think we’re not tall enough, fit enough, smart enough, rich enough, nice enough, good enough, and choose to remain morose about it. If only we learned to identify our strengths, accept them, and celebrate them as a part of us, we’d find ourselves living much happier and satisfied lives…

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