5 Signs Of Poor Self-Esteem (And How To Reclaim It For A Better Life)

5 Signs Of Poor Self-Esteem (And How To Reclaim It For A Better Life)

If you're self-esteem's low, here's how you can increase it…

by Dr. Amanda Richardson via MindBodyGreen

"Who the f*ck am I?" might be something you toss around in casual conversation, mutter as you gaze in the mirror before a big meeting or whisper through tears as you fall asleep wondering why your life isn’t where you want it to be.

At the core of this question is the underlying assumption that you aren’t good enough. That you don’t deserve happiness. That you should stay entrenched in mediocrity because it's where you belong.

It is a mark of poor self-esteem, and it’s hurting you. A lot.

Self-esteem is having confidence in yourself, in your ability to make the right choices and to handle the consequences. It is also the belief that you have a right to success, fulfillment, and happiness. Whether or not you have it influences every facet of life. It's the difference between reaching the optimal version of yourself and forever wondering what might have been.

Wondering if this applies to you? Here are five signs of low self-esteem and tips on how to reclaim it for the life you deserve.

1. You feel like you always need to prove yourself.

You’re not a newbie. You’ve collected more than a few accolades over your lifetime. But you still feel like you have to continually prove your worth — at work, in classes, even with friends and partners. If you just can’t shake that feeling that you need to do just one more thing to show that you’re good enough, smart enough, or strong enough, then, on some level, you don’t inherently believe in your abilities.

The Fix:

If this applies to you, sit down and map out what exactly you think you need to prove, to whom, and most importantly, why you feel this need. Ask yourself if this has merit. Dispute unhelpful thoughts and exaggerations. Instead, focus on your strengths and achievements so that you can move forward from trying to prove your worth to believing in yourself…

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