Love your body so you can love yourself and…love your happiness!

Love your body so you can love yourself and…love your happiness!

So many of us cause ourselves so much unhappiness by hating on our bodies!

Becaues, by definition, almost all of us are NOT super-models, there's always something that's "imperfect" about our physical being. But that doesn't mean we have to hate it; in fact if we aim for or desire perfection we'll always be miserable. 

But thanks to this article by Klara Mudge from MindBodyGreen we can all enjoy more happiness by trialling these 5 tips for loving our bodies more…

If you wish everything was as easy as gaining weight, raise your hand. Raise your other hand if you know that you’re in a complicated relationship with food and/or your body.

If both your hands are still down, ask yourself if you’ve ever felt guilt after eating a "bad" food?

I’m here to remind you there is no such thing as “bad” food. And that wanting to be skinnier will only keep you in the same patterns.

When life gets crowded and confusing, we fall into a people-pleasing mentality in which we forget our unique essence and quickly lose sight of what will really matter to us at the end of our lives.

We believe weight loss will equate to joy gain. But it won’t.

I just spent four years studying nutrition science and personalized nutritional therapy. For the five years prior to that, my life was a series of addictive “weight-loss diets” infused with junk-food binges, torturous daily workouts, and all-consuming body image obsession. Been there, tried that; nothing worked.

Today, I’m one of those annoying people who has “found my natural weight,” never craves sugar, stops eating when I’m full, restricts nothing, and has lived to tell the story. Eww, I know.

If I were Oprah, this is what I would know for sure: one day of your life spent obsessing over food or your body is one day too long.

Here are my five steps to finally accepting yourself and loving the home you will have for your entire life:

1. Address the real issue.

Abdominal fat is not what’s keeping you from being confident and happy. So, what’s the real problem? In what area of your life do you feel trapped? What are you silencing with food?

It might be just low-grade boredom, or maybe it's boredom of life, or your partner, or your job. What's the thing you know will make you happy that you’re too scared to fail at? Have some real talk with yourself about what’s making you compensate with food.

Spend some time here. It could take a year or two — but don’t let it! Turn around now and face the real issue…

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