10 commandments of happiness!

10 commandments of happiness!

What if you lived your life according to these happinss "commandments"?

What if you set yourself non-negotiable rules for living life happily? 

Well, I think the following may well be very useful for those of us wanting to create more happiness in our lives…

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You can create happy mornings with these ten commandments.

Dear people of the world,

Accept me as your messiah of happiness for about, let me see… 3-4 minutes, as I pronounce to you my morning happiness commandments. These ten commandments will help you start your day pretty damn well, which, as you know, will help you have a great day. Unless something goes terribly wrong in the day, which, as a messiah of happiness, I hope for you it doesn’t. Anyway, let’s get right to it, shall we?

1. You shall wake up around the time of sunrise.

The sunrise is the best wake up call you can get in the morning. Besides, waking up at sunrise is like waking up along with the sun at the same time on the same bed. It’s a great feeling and a terrific way to start your day on a bright note.

2. You shall write your thoughts down in a journal.

You might have a lot going on in your head in the mornings. It could be a scary dream, the possibility of a terrible day ahead, or about how your life sucks. Put it all down in your journal to see a better perspective emerge on these thoughts.

3. You shall read the pages of a great book or magazine.

Expose thyself to great words — and as a result, great knowledge and insights — early in the morning. This will get the grey matter in your head turn red in excitement. And you’ll begin to feel a lot sharper throughout the day…

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