21 ways to stop being so hard on yourself!

21 ways to stop being so hard on yourself!

Don't you hate it when you hate on yourself? 

Do you sometimes find you're harder on and meaner to yourself than you'd ever be to someone else? 

Self-criticism is a killer of happiness; but self love and compassion and kindness can create more happiness, real happiness than you'd ever imagine!

Which is why we thought you might like these 21 ways to silence your inner-critic and learn how to love yourself more…

via the Hufftington Post by Laura Tong

Is your inner critic bad mouthing you again?

Calling you every name under the sun? Bringing up past mistakes and failures?

Delighting in cataloging your every imperfection and sneering at any suggestion that you will ever amount to anything?

No wonder you sometimes feel disappointed with who you are, what you've done and more importantly, what you haven't done.

And it's crippling your life, and your happiness.

I was no different. My critical inner voice never left my side. It was like an evil troll perched on my shoulder whispering vitriol into my ear all day (and night). And waiting… just waiting for me to slip up…

And then it would rip me to shreds.

Finally I realized that unless I tackled that mean inner voice it would sabotage the rest of my life. It took a long time to stamp on my inner critic and the battle goes on. Each day I remind myself that I'm the one with the stomping boots, I'm the one in charge. I'd love for you to do the same. To beat that destructive inner critic into being the supportive friend it should be.

So put your boots on and let's go teach your inner critic who's the boss…

21 Ways To Stamp On Your Inner Critic

1. See you inner critics real character – an evil troll whispering corrosive nonsense in your ear. The minute it starts up, forcibly knock It away.

2. Flip negative thoughts to positive – counter self-critical phrases like "What an idiot!" or "I can't believe you did that!" with "Everyone makes mistakes. What matters is that I did something."

3. Record your awesomeness – write down all the great things you've done so you can counter your inner critic's one-sided rhetoric in advance.

4. Caricature your inner critic – draw a cartoon of your inner critic with one or two ludicrous features that make you laugh.

5. Create a store of compliments – jot down kind words others say about you and keep them in a your wallet or handbag. Pick out a few whenever your inner critic needs a sharp rebuff…

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