Be your best with these 7 steps

Be your best with these 7 steps

via the Huffington Post by Sherrie Campbell

We are all born with an equal potential for greatness. There are no exceptions, yet most realize far below their potential. It is the small handful who rise to extraordinary heights and become legends in their own rights. To rank amongst the elite you must consciously change your habits. Greatness does not show up with time or because you think about it. Greatness is a virtue you must consciously invest in every minute of every day. Be intentional about greatness and go after it with an unwavering belief in your abilities to achieve success and excellence.

1. Create a vision

The mindset necessary for achieving greatness lies in understanding that the end goal of success is not your ultimate goal. This goal is too small and unilateral. To strive for greatness you must be well-rounded. You must be more interested in building a cause that touches others, not a business. Be willing to step out of the box. Strive to be a pioneer, a trend setter, a game changer, and a radical thinker who is deeply driven to make this world a better place.

The two habits necessary to accomplish your goals and ideals are; an unwavering dedication to your cause and the desire to make a significant difference. To achieve greatness you have to know the deeper reasons for building your business. It is the deeper emotional reasons where you discover a well of passion, dedication, perseverance and the willingness to fight to the bitter end for your victory.

Be willing to suffer along the way.

2. Have clear core values

To unlock your greatness be clear on your values. Your values are the unconscious motivators which shape your future. It is your values which drive your actions and behaviors. Be clear on the mission and values your business stands for and what goals are in line to make you unique to the consumer. Consumers love to invest in and be a part of any mission they believe in and one they see as benefiting others.

Anyone who has reached greatness is fanatical about the values upon which their business stands. Significant earnings are created from principles based in strong values where you do not need to sell your soul to experience greatness…

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