Don’t be afraid of failing; be afraid of failing to matter!

Don’t be afraid of failing; be afraid of failing to matter!

Via LinkedIn by Adam Grant

If you do the math, becoming an entrepreneur is insane. The odds of success are tiny; failure is almost guaranteed. To make the leap, you have to be fearless.

Or so I thought.

I spent the past three years working on a book, Originals, about the people who champion new ideas to drive creativity and change in the world. Along the way, I hunted down some of the most original entrepreneurs of our time, sitting down with tech icons ranging from Larry Page and Elon Musk to Jack Dorsey and Mark Cuban. When I asked them to take me back to the early days, they caught me off guard.

They all felt the same fear of failure that the rest of us do. They just responded to it differently…

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And please note: although this article focuses on entrepreneurs and business success, I very much believe that the lessons described are relevant to all of us. 

Failure is not terrible; failure to act can be. 

And failure to act will almost certainly detract not just from success, but also from happiness. 

So integrate a willinness to fail into your happiness plans; and work out what you need to do to matter. 

That's happiness!