10 great big myths about life purpose

10 great big myths about life purpose

Purpose is important; but you need to understand it properly…

via the Huffington Post by Elyse Santilli 

1. There is one definition of success.

And it involves an established career, large house, acceptable body shape, marriage and annual holidays.

The truth is we all have our own unique path to walk in this life because what brings true meaning and satisfaction differs for all of us.

Let go of the idea that there is a right way to live. Instead, commit to living, working, playing, creating, traveling, eating, loving and laughing in ways that feel right to you.

2. You should compare yourself to other people.

There is a saying: "Life is the most difficult exam of all. Many people fail because they try to copy others, not realizing that everyone has different questions on their paper."

Imagine you are swimming laps in a public pool. If you spend too much time watching the person in the lane next to you, your own performance and enjoyment suffers.

It is the same with life. While it is fine to look to others for inspiration, it is wise to keep your eyes fixed firmly on your own lane.

3. Doing what you love is not important.

Many of us believe that unhappiness and dissatisfaction now is somehow, strangely, the path to happiness and satisfaction in the future.

The truth is dissatisfaction now is likely to lead to more dissatisfaction in the future, because happiness is a state of mind and has to be cultivated from within.

The great news is, choosing to be happy now generally leads to greater external success in life. So think of happiness as the path, not the destination…

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