10 essential life skills you probably weren’t taught at school

10 essential life skills you probably weren’t taught at school

via the Huffington Post by Jeannette Maw

When it comes to creating a successful life, most of us were introduced to a variety of traditional skills designed to get us there. Habits like time management, creative thinking, and self-discipline are commonly celebrated as key to success.

We learn it's important to be accountable, and to communicate effectively. And everyone knows how crucial it is to be persistent, and to manage money properly.

Certainly these and other commonly esteemed habits are helpful in navigating our way to the good life. But there are a handful of other competencies that are even more important to living happily ever after.

Here are 10 success skills you probably weren't taught, but are completely essential to happy living:

1. How to say no.

Most of us were trained to accommodate the desires of others rather than to honor our personal preferences. Even when we do manage to wriggle out of something we don't want to do, it's not unusual to feel guilty in declining the request. But make no mistake; learning to say no (and feel fine about it) is an essential skill for successful living.

2. How to accept rejection.

From the very beginning as young children who were dependent on others for survival, we learned to value acceptance and approval from others. It can trigger strong feelings of fear when we don't receive that approval. Yet fear of rejection keeps many of us from following our biggest dreams. Learning that it's okay even when others don't agree is key to happiness.

3. How to know what you want.

In learning to navigate the world many of us become experts at discerning what others want and prioritizing their desires in an attempt to win affection and approval. This is not a habit that leads to personal fulfillment. Learning to identify what you truly desire – and having the courage to honor it – isn't something most of us were taught but is absolutely essential for success…

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