More happiness is as easy as … 1, 2, 3!

More happiness is as easy as … 1, 2, 3!

via Fulfillment Daily by Laura Callisen 

The Challenge: Why aren’t we happier, even if we have so much stuff and get so many gifts?

The Science: Science suggests that we’re not spending our resources on the right things.

The Solution: Try these 3 surefire methods to use to “get your happy on” this holiday season!

I grew up in a happy family. We had more than enough of the necessities; we had a number of luxuries; lots of presents were under the Christmas tree every year; we had stylish clothes, new cars every few years, and our college educations were paid for by our parents. As I think back upon those years, however, I cannot even remember the cars that we had; I can’t remember the things under that Christmas tree. What I do remember are the vacations we took to Michigan every year, staying in the same house on a lake. We fished, swam, learned how to water ski, and met up with friends that we had not seen since the summer before. What all of this tells me is that the material objects we had accumulated as a family were not the things that stayed with me and gave me happiness. It was the experiences I had that resulted in such a happy childhood. There is a lesson here for all of us…

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