What if you only needed to do 5 things to enjoy more happiness?

What if you only needed to do 5 things to enjoy more happiness?

There's no doubt your happiness is partially determined by your genetic make-up. 

There's also no doubt your happiness is partially determined by how you were brought up and by your early learning experiences. 

But the good news is that there's absolutely no doubt WHAT YOU DO NOW makes a signficant contribution to your happiness, especially if what you do now includes these 5 things…

via Business Insider by David Pogue

In theory, happiness is what we’re about, right? Every decision we make, at some level, boils down to trying to be happy.

But when researchers actually study happiness, they find some surprising quirks.

For example, you might suppose that great news like winning the lottery, dropping 20 pounds, or getting a new job would make you happy.

And it does — briefly. But it’s only a spike.

(If that sentence makes you less happy, then consider this: The opposite also is true. Bad external events make you unhappy — but that, too, is just a dip. Then you return to your usual self.)

If you need more convincing: A University of Massachusetts study found that people who’d been suddenly paralyzed in an accident were more hopeful in their outlooks than people who’d just won the lottery.

So what does bring happiness — from a brain-science perspective?

Lots of factors are beyond your control. Happy people are often optimistic, spiritual, extroverted, and compassionate, have a great sense of humor, and come from happy parents. Lots of their happiness, in other words, was just handed to them by their genes or upbringing.

But there are some happiness factors that you control — factors that produce long-term happiness. Here’s what the research has concluded on this front..

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