Loving the lives we’re living

Loving the lives we’re living

via the Huffington Post by Emily Madill

Have you ever started a new exercise regimen to improve your health? Have you ever dedicated yourself to reaching a certain goal in your career? What about the dream of having a partner who is the perfect fit for you?

Most of us relate to having dreams, goals and hopes for our lives. After all, these aspirations are often what ignites the fire that drives us to get up and go after our deepest desires.

I believe big dreams create the magic of our lives and are meant to be approached with a curiosity and thirst to fully experience life, the bumps and all. By opening up to the idea that the journey is the magic, rather than reaching the actual dream itself, we open the floodgates to love our lives right now. When we give ourselves the gift of seeing and experiencing all that is amazing in our lives at this very moment, we no longer need to delay happiness until we meet some future goal.

These are some of the practices I have been enjoying to settle into loving my life, no matter where I'm at with reaching my dreams. Give them a try and see how they fit.

1) Self-Awareness

Adopt a self-awareness practice that works for you. When you step outside of yourself and take a good honest look at how you are showing up, over time you begin to take yourself a whole lot less seriously. There is a real lightness and sense of ease that comes from being able to laugh at yourself and see the humor in a situation. By regularly checking in with yourself, you may also start to notice the patterns in how you show up and where there may be room to shift and grow. Being self-reflective in a healthy way helps to strengthen your relationship with yourself. It also builds your self-confidence and resourcefulness in trusting yourself to make decisions and steps that are congruent with who you are at your core…

…what else is happiness if not loving the life you have? To read more just click HERE