5 reasons you might want to disconnect for at least some of this weekend!

5 reasons you might want to disconnect for at least some of this weekend!

Technology has done and will continue to do amazing things for our lives. But like everything, there's good and bad. Being connected can help us keep up with and communicate with family and friends, as well as organise great fun adventures. Accordingly, it can help boost our happiness!

But at the same time, I'm sure we've all experienced the "dark side" of technology where it saps our happiness by sucking us into the web-vortex and away from things and people that are really important. With this in mind, we invite you to ponder the following…

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Every week, no matter what is going on, I disconnect for 24 hours from my phone, email and any other electronic gadget. Disconnecting from technology one day a week allows me to recharge and refresh. It saves me from the constant flow of emails, texts, calls and notifications that barrage me during the week. It allows me to reconnect with family and friends, to read, to relax and to contemplate.

Disconnecting, in my view, is necessary, especially for busy entrepreneurs. Here are a few reasons to put down the electronics once a week:

1. It builds self-control.

Technology controls our lives. Our phones buzz or we’re pinged with an email, and we drop whatever we’re doing to answer the notification. But deciding when to use technology gives us back the control.

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Committing to not using technology takes self-control. No matter what someone is working on, they have to stop and turn everything off at the minute when their 24-hour tech-free period starts. They have to fight the urge to keep working, just for five more minutes, which turns to 10, which turns to an hour.

Strictly adhering to a no-tech schedule forces individuals to work when they have access to their technology, and build the self-control to power down at a specified time…

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