Are you aware of your happiness options?

Are you aware of your happiness options?

via the Huffington Post by Michael Feeley

Happiness options are moments of happiness that happen to you by surprise or by choice. They lift or boost you up to a better, happier place. You feel alive, energized and calm, because you're experiencing something that has personal meaning for you — something you like and love. It gives you pleasure.

I've found in my coaching career and studies that people who work on their happiness are better able to live with stress and anxiety because they learn how to make positive choices for happiness.

As I write about happiness I realize that life does present all of us with severe challenges and circumstances and that a choice for happiness and real moments of happiness can also be tremendous building blocks for hope and improved well-being and quality of life.

Each day you have moments of happiness

A moment of gratitude.

A moment of peace.

A moment of hope.

A moment of friendship.

A moment of love.

It might be the taste of your favorite food, hearing a friend's voice and hundreds of other sensory happenings.

You can build happiness by understanding those special moments, finding the reasons why something makes you happy and focusing on repeating them.

In his essay Six Tips for Happiness , Harvard lecturer and Positive Psychologist Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar writes…

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