Create more happiness with…30 acts of kindness! `

Create more happiness with…30 acts of kindness! `

via PickTheBrain by Alex Karpman

This November 13 is World Kindness Day!   In honor of this important holiday which fuels kindness around the world, we’ve put together a 30-day kindness challenge for you that will fuel an incredible amount of positive energy into your life.  Each of these acts of kindness is designed to take no more than 30 minutes of your time, and in most cases just a few minutes.  We want this challenge to be realistic and attainable because we know that its successful completion will leave you pumped and energized about your life.

Day 1 – Write a letter or send a card to someone you love “just because.”  We shouldn’t need a holiday or occasion to be kind!

Day 2 – Post a picture of you and a friend on social media with a comment about the positive impact they’ve made on your life. Tag them to make sure they see it 

Day 3 – Try playing the role of a doorman for 10 minutes.

Day 4 – Walk down the street with a bag of quarters, and add a quarter to any meters you see with less than 10 minutes.

Day 5 – Create an annual holiday celebrating someone you love.  For example, we declared June 1 “Eva and Sophia Appreciation Day” to celebrate our wonderful children.

Day 6 – Leave quarters taped to a vending machine with a note saying “Your treat is on me.  Have a sweet day!”

Day 7 – Buy an inspirational book for a friend going through a tough time.  Some of my favorites are Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman and The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

Day 8 – Write a thoughtful comment on a blog post where the author clearly invested a ton of time and energy crafting it.  Bloggers love to get positive feedback from readers.

Day 9 – Offer a bottle of water or fresh fruit to your mail carrier.

Day 10 – Write a colleague a glowing recommendation on LinkedIn.  You’ll be amazed at how grateful people are to receive recommendations…

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