Habits for happiness and success

Habits for happiness and success

via Inc.com by Rhett Power

Happy people are often successful people and vice versa–but how do you know if you are a happy successful person? And if you know that you are currently not one or both of those things, how can you become a happy and successful? Here are 5 simple habits of happy and people successful people:

1. Make Your Bed Every Morning

Can you hear your mom shouting from the other room, "don't forget to make your bed!" of course many of those who grew up making the bed every day under mom's roof chuck the habit when they move out, but they shouldn't! Here is why:

Your bed is usually the biggest thing in the bedroom–which means if it is clean and made up the rest of the room will look clean, clutter-free, and all made up.

Increases Happiness, according to the Hunch.com survey, "71 percent of bed makers say they are happy, while 62 percent of non-bed makers consider themselves unhappy."

According to "The Power of Habit," by Charles Duhigg saying, "Making your bed can boost productivity and create stronger skills at sticking with a budget."

So what is the bottom line? Listen to the inner-mom voice in your head and make your bed every morning to become a happy and successful person.

2. Set Aside Time for Fun

Happy and successful people make time to laugh, relax, and have fun. Do you have a hobby like dancing, fishing, or reading? Take the time to do those fun things, the things you are make you happy and that you are good at. Everyone has at least a few things they do incredibly well and that they enjoy. Find ways to do those things more often. You'll be a lot happier…

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