Is your happiness sustainable? Check out these 10 signs.

Is your happiness sustainable? Check out these 10 signs.

via the Huffington Post by Kathy Gottberg

Is your happiness sustainable? I'm not talking about that rush of pleasure we get when things turn out the way we hope and expect. I'm also not taking about the giddy experience we get laughing with friends or the thrill of accomplishment that overtakes us when we get what we want. To me sustainable happiness is the sense of good and wellbeing that comes in the middle of the night when you are alone with your thoughts. It's a deep and sustaining sense that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, where you are supposed to be doing it, at exactly the right time in your life. And the good thing about finding it is that regardless of what is happening in our lives or circumstances, we can still count on it comforting us when the going gets tough.

Yet most of the time, most people tend to think of sustainability solely in terms of the environment. But sustainability, or lack of it, actually applies to everything we do. The word, by itself means balanced, durable, ongoing and self-sustaining. In fact, that's a big reason why the letter "S" in my blog SMART Living 365 stands for sustainability. While I remain deeply committed to creating a more environmentally sustainable world, I also believe that awareness extends to an understanding that a truly happy life must be ongoing, balanced and enduring both within and around my life.

Of course I'm not the only one who cares about the topic. As a long-time reader and supporter of Yes! Magazine I was pleased when they recently offered a book entitled Sustainable Happiness: Live Simply, Live Well, Make a Difference. Filled with a variety of essays from distinguished authors, the book promotes a number of ways people can experience a more sustainable and "real" happiness in their lives. Plus there are other books, articles and even an online course available in the marketplace with a similar theme. But after reading a number of them, I wanted to add a more SMART approach to the subject. That's why I came up with the following "signs" that I believe demonstrate a person who embraces sustainable happiness…

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