8 ways to discover and enjoy the present moment

8 ways to discover and enjoy the present moment

We can look forward to the future. 

And we can savour the past. 

But happiness can only ever really be experienced in the present moment…

via the Huffington Post by Martin Llorens

To be able to awake your conscious and pay attention to all your senses, including your thoughts, your emotions and each and every activity that you do throughout the day, allows you to discover a whole new world of possibilities, while at the same time letting you for an instant set aside worries and anxieties.

When you live in the moment, giving your best at what you do and accepting reality for what it is, you automatically discover the gift of life and recognize all the beautiful blessings you have. It is a voluntary and personal choice to live in the present and only you can make that choice in order to increase productivity, improve yourself and attain inner peace. The positive effect of living in the moment is almost instant.

The following are eight exercises that you can put to practice whenever you want to consciously connect to your present and discover the only reality that truly exist in our lives, the magic behind the power of now.

1. Connect to your breathing. When you wake up and open your eyes every morning, get in contact with your breathing to oxidize your body. Take a deep breath while you're in the shower, feel the air and the water purify your being; whenever you feel anxiety, scared or insecure for whatever it is that you are doing, pay attention to your breathing for just a few minutes. When you breath deeply and connect to the rhythm and the sounds of your inhales, you automatically go back to reality and everything takes on new meaning that you previously didn't have.

2. Feel your body. Another way to connect to the present is to feel your body in different moments of the day. You only have to focus your attention to your entire body or certain parts of it. For example, feel the posture of your body has when you're working. Feel the parts of your body that feel comfortable and the ones that feel tension, what is the temperature of your skin, feel the smells and pay close attention to the sounds around you. Notice how your body works, moves and always reacts without your own consent or control. Your body always acts on instinct. Pay attention to what you're doing when you drive the car, take a walk, or just play with your children. Your body will never live in the past or future, only in the now, in the present, deciding for yourself while your mind is somewhere else. How wonderful is to feel this experience and the power of your body!

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