If you want to live a truly fulfilled life then understand these 12 things

If you want to live a truly fulfilled life then understand these 12 things

by Brianna Wiest via the Huffington Post

Fulfillment may seem like the elusive desire that's driving an entire consumerist market, but that's only because smart people are capitalizing on something that's ingrained in all of us (or at least, ingrained in us by the millions): We have an aching desire to live a meaningful life, but no one really seems to know how.

Somewhere along the line, we confused happiness for what we have, as opposed to what we do. We thought that the solution to an incomprehensible emptiness was to fill everything else around us. Needless to say: This has mostly, if not entirely, failed.

To be truly fulfilled is to be happy because of your own self-realization. It is to come to such a genuine understanding of what you want that not doing it isn't an option anymore. It's seeing beyond the mindsets you adopted, or the ideals that are not inherently your own. It is the humble simplicity of what you want to offer the world each day, and it is the love you awaken as you do it.

Here are 12 things truly fulfilled people understand:

1. Success is falling in love with the process, not the outcome.

It's making your dreams about the journey, about the "doing," about the day-in-day-out routine and minutiae. The life you want lies within the simplicity of your everyday tasks. You can't only focus on writing the synopsis and then wonder why you don't have a book yet.

2. Only some happiness is valued in society.

Not everybody will applaud the fact that you left your job to work at a coffee shop because it's what you love. There is really only one kind of happiness that society values, and that's the kind that society is comfortable with: the kind that is far enough removed from genuine contentment that nobody else feels pressured to consider how unfulfilling his or her own life is. Do not let other people's demons determine what your happiness is. Do not let other people's fear make you afraid, too.

3. Love and success aren't non-renewable resources. Someone else's successes don't take away from your own.

This belief first appears for most people in elementary school: We see that some people are popular, and some people aren't. Some people can be happy; some can't. Often, this is where the lifelong competition that only ever exists in our heads begins. Someone else's success doesn't make you less successful. If someone else receives love or praise, that doesn't mean you aren't love- or praise-worthy. You are not only as good as you are better than someone else…

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