Get in control; get more happiness!

Get in control; get more happiness!

One of the BIG constructs within psychology is self-efficacy – the belief that one can take action and have an impact. 

In other words, mastering oneself and mastering one's situation signficantly boosts the chances of success and happiness. 

Which is what this article is all about with a focus on 5 key steps to happiness…

By Jennie Lee via the Huffington Post

Wealth, prestige, and power constitute the world standard for success. For some these prizes have come through hard work, for others through luck or inheritance. Yet none guarantee happiness. As the greatest measure of true and lasting success, happiness requires more, and self-mastery is the critical key.

Looking deeper at what makes people genuinely happy, we see that people who are happy usually have, or can get, what they need when they need it. The essential word here being need not want. Wants might include the wealth and power mentioned before, but needs could include information, assistance with a problem, or peace of mind, in addition to material possessions. We can infer then that happiness is enabled by an ability to create at will what we need, mentally, emotionally and materially. Although this sounds like a hybrid of the Law of Attraction and great portfolio management, to measure success in this way is really determined by our levels of willpower and self-control, which when combined lead us to self-mastery.

1. Determine Needs versus Wants

To get to a state of inner equanimity and outer control, we begin by analyzing the difference between our needs and our wants. Generally, true needs serve our inner wellbeing and the benefit of others. When we are in service to the common good, we feel greater peace and we become aligned with the collective law of abundance. In contrast, wants gratify the senses and our egos, keeping us narrow-minded and protective of our personal self-interests. Take a moment to consider the spectrum of needs versus wants in your life right now.

2. Engage Willpower and Evenmindedness

Once we have set course with legitimate needs, the use of will force is necessary to generate positive movement in the direction of our worthwhile goals. The potency of our willpower is essential to temper distracting desires and to overcome habits and addictions that can undermine our noble efforts. Start by defining one small goal. Place all your effort and will in that direction. Eliminate all fear, doubt or belief in limitation as these inner forces sap energy, weaken the will, and deplete the body. Cultivate the endurance of a long distance athlete in your mind and practice evenmindedness in all circumstances. Do not allow anything to steal your peace and willpower…

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