Here’s how you can make tomorrow the best day ever!

Here’s how you can make tomorrow the best day ever!

What if you could set yourself up, now, so that tomorrow was the best day ever? 

What if you could plan and apply simple strategies to ensure your next 24 hours was packed full of happiness and success? 

Well you can! 

You can create happiness and accomplishment and all manner of other things…just by preparing and planning and doing the right things! 

And here are 24 ways you can get yourself started…

via the Huffington Post

From Manic Monday to Twisted Tuesday to Wacky Wednesday, it seems like there’s no escaping the chaos of a whirlwind work week. By the time we finally reach Friday, we’re ready to give thanks with that celebrated saying, “TGIF.”

Yes, weekdays can drag on, and on, and on — but they shouldn’t have to. You should enjoy every day of the week. Together with Buick's 24 Hours of Happiness Test Drive, we’ve found 24 ways to make your next 24 hours productive, enjoyable and — gasp! — even relaxing.

Nightcaps (Things You Can Do The Night Before)

1. Meal prep isn’t just for athletes or CrossFitters — anyone can benefit from making food ahead of time. Whether you prepare breakfasts and lunches for the week, or just make lunch the night before, being able to simply grab food and go will save you much-needed time in the morning.

2. Picking out your outfit the night before and packing your bag for the day can shave precious minutes off your morning routine. Don’t forget to check the weather, and plan accordingly!

3. Unless you tend to sweat in bed, shower at night. Not only will you save time in the morning, but research shows that a warm shower in the evening can regulate your internal temperature as you doze off — which means you’ll be on the receiving end of more uninterrupted shut-eye.

Morning Mantras

4. While some research suggests that late afternoon is the best time to exercise, working out in the morning can ward off food cravings, jump-start your brain and increase your energy for a great start to the day…

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