If you like GOOD NEWS stories then you’ll LOVE this post!

If you like GOOD NEWS stories then you’ll LOVE this post!

There are so many good people doing so many good things, but so often we get lost in the negative news most of our media outlets focus on almost exclusively. 

Happiness, however, requires a focus on what's going well…and happy people tend to do this much more and much better than most. 

I'm not suggesting we ignore the bad news stories; far from it. It's important to be realistic and to acknowledge the world's problems…especially if you focus on doing something constructive acout them. 

But we're more likely to engage in positive action and we're more likely to do more good for the world if…we're energised and motivated and inspired. And we're more likely to enjoy these feelings if we generally enjoy more positive emotions such as happiness. 

So today we bring you some Good News via the wonderful Good News Network

Firstly, check out this great idea from Spain where locals have installed a refrigerator outdoors to help feed those who're hungry…HERE

And secondly, take just a minute to read about how this small act of kindness changed two lives for the better…HERE

There are lots of great places like the Good News Network where you can find positive stories and if you're anything like me, you'll find reading and watching these makes you more likely to do good things and live a good life