Ever feel frustrated? Here are 5 simple steps to cope better!

Ever feel frustrated? Here are 5 simple steps to cope better!

Although, here at The Happiness Institute, we're obviously fans of promoting positive emotions AND we very much believe that the research supports the benefits of enjoying positive emotions as much as possible…

…it's also very important to acknowledge that negative emotions are normal and at times, even useful. 

Frustration, for example, is a normal part of life and a common negative emotion experienced by us all. 

But there are ways, relatively simple ways, we can all cope with such emotions and this great article via LifeHack outlines 5 simple but effective strategies you might like to try out…

by Justin Sua

On your journey to success you’re going to experience hardship and frustration; there will be times you’ll wonder if you’ve got what it takes to keep going, or why you decided to start in the first place. Anyone who has achieved anything great has endured pain and failure, but what separates the best from the rest is how they respond to adversity. Here are five things you can learn from motivated people to get out of a rut, and thrive:

1. They Focus On Actions, Not Feelings

Motivated people don’t take counsel from their feelings – especially when those feelings aren’t getting them closer to their goal. Ask any successful person if there have been days they didn’t feel like putting in the work because they were tired, stressed, or busy. The answer is going to be a resounding yes. Motivated people understand that feeling tired will lead to acting tired, and feeling stressed will lead to acting stressed. I’m not saying to discount your feelings, what I am saying is to act in spite of them. When you are truly passionate about what you want to accomplish, you’ve got to understand that you will run into obstacles, and experience frustration many times, but it’s about identifying what you need to do to be successful, and then doing it – regardless of if you want to or not. If you only put in hard work on the days you feel good, you won’t get much done…

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