6 ways to be nice to yourself

6 ways to be nice to yourself

Before you can be nice to anyone else you need to be nice to yourself. 

Happiness starts within and can then be spread without. 

It's important NOT to be selfish but it's also worth noting that to be appropriately and healthily selfless, self-care needs attention. 

With all this in mind, check out these 6 radically simple ways to be nice to yourself…

by Paula Rizzo via MindBodyGreen

It's amazing how unnecessarily we push ourselves. Always running to the next appointment or saying yes to events we know we should skip for time and sanity’s sake.

In the end, your mood and your productivity suffer when you run yourself ragged. Resentment builds up, your energy plummets, and then maybe you even beat up on yourself for not setting healthier boundaries.

I recently went to San Francisco for a little vacation and got back to NYC at 11pm. I normally would have just gone to work the next day. But I took the day off in advance just to be nicer to myself, and it was a gesture of radical self-care for me.

The "old me" would would have pushed myself to go to work after that long flight. But I've learned to give myself a break to be able to relax and rejuvenate. Not because it's a luxury, but because it's a necessity. If I would have gone to work I would have been cranky and been thinking about the millions of to-dos I needed to handle when I got home. My work would have suffered and I would have felt more frazzled after a relaxing vacation.

You’d be surprised how many opportunities there are to treat yourself a little nicer. Here are some little ways to get big returns by being your own best friend:

1. Ignore your phone.

I do this all the time … well, most of the time. Unless someone has an appointment to talk to me at a particular time, I do not answer my phone. Period. My time is valuable and when I pick up the phone for every call or text, I get distracted from what I was doing and I'm thrown off my game. Because I'm aware of this, I simply don't do it.

If only answering your phone for appointments seems unrealistic, then maybe find some windows during the day when you choose not to look at your phone. Above all, I recommend clearing some mental space for yourself with this simple change. By focusing on one task at a time, you can treat yourself to a more relaxed day.

2. Write your to do list the night before.

It doesn’t matter how tired you are, you’ll never be as rushed in the evening as you are in the morning.That’s why I use the last 15 minutes of the day to set myself up for the following one. Whether it's at work or at home — just giving a little extra attention to setting up your day will make for an easier start. I always make a list of my to-dos for the following day before I leave my desk at night. Always. Without fail. Then that way when I come in — I can just look at my roadmap and start working. I've done the heavy-lifting already…

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