5 do’s and don’ts of happiness

5 do’s and don’ts of happiness

Ever just wish someone would tell you what to do, and what not to do so you could enjoy more happiness? 

Well, it's not quite as easy as that because we're all different and we'll all need to develop our own, individual happiness plans or strategies. 

But that being said, there are some general rules that will work for most of us most of the time so if you'd love some more happiness in your life then check out this great article via PickTheBrain…

by Lidiya K

Happiness is probably the most common desire we all have. And people try everything to reach it.

But, eventually, they realize it’s not a destination, you don’t need to possess anything in particular to get it. It’s your right, your choice.

Happiness is right here, right now. You just need to eliminate all the things standing in its way – negativism, expectations, worries about the future and regrets for the past, countless desires, judging, comparing, trying to control things, etc.

So here are 5 simple things happy people do (and the things they don’t do) that can change the way you see things and live your life:

1. Do: Live in the present moment.

This moment is the only place you can feel alive, make changes, create your future, learn and grow, enjoy and appreciate.

It’s also where happiness is. Not later, not in past memories, right here and right now.

Don’t: Dwell on the past or worry about what might happen tomorrow.

Both are pointless and harmful.

Thinking about what was and experiencing the pain all over again causes us suffering. So does constantly trying to predict the future, control it and change it so that it can meet our expectations of how things should be.

And that’s why we live in such disappointment and are not satisfied with our life.

2. Do: Let go.

Letting go means accepting, being alright with things and events, letting them be and moving on without carrying any burden to the next moment.

Only then will you embrace freedom, joy and contentment.

Don’t: Hold onto things.

We’re too attached to people, objects, bad habits, places and so on. We think about them too much, worry, want to be with that person, at that place, or else, constantly.

This way we can’t improve, can’t grow spiritually and succeed in life. Because there’s always this thing we come back to. And progress can’t be made if we stay at one place.

Letting go is the answer. Being free from attachment and experiencing the present moment is our desired state…

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