9 ways to believe in yourself

9 ways to believe in yourself

It's hard to be happy if you don't believe in yourself…and if you don't believe you deserve happiness. 

Yet there are so many of us who, for a variety of reasons DON'T believe in ourselves and DON'T believe we deserve happiness or success or a good life. 

I'm not suggested we're OWED these things but I do honestly believe that everyone and anyone deserves to enjoy a good life and positive emotions such as happiness if they work to create them in their lives. 

But we do need to work for them and to do this we need to believe in ourselves; so here are 9 great ways to believe in  yourself which should then help you enjoy more happiness and a better life…

by Janarookard via PickTheBrain

Self-belief is one of the most important qualities of a happy and successful person. You can be the most beautiful and intelligent individual, strong athlete or clever entrepreneur, but without self-belief these qualities may never come out to the full extent. Self-belief is the foundation of your success both in life and work. In most cases, self-belief is something that we grow up with, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot develop this sense as adults. The following things can help you do that.

Volunteer work

Many people prefer not to think about it and not to notice it. However, in any society, even in the most developed and successful one, there are always people who need help. It may be kids from an orphanage, homeless people on the streets, war veteran in your building, etc.

Try to make someone’s day a bit better. Nothing improves self-esteem and self-respect more than realizing that you’ve helped someone. Charity and volunteer work can help not only other people in solving their problems, but it can also help you to feel better about yourself.

Make a list of your achievements

Do you bang your head against a brick wall being ready to give up in despair? Try to make a list of your personal winnings. There must have been difficult situations in your life and you found the way out. There must be some things that you are proud of. Making such a list will be a great psychological motivation that will help you believe in yourself.

Surround yourself with people who believe in you

If there are many people around who constantly criticize you and bring you down, no wonder you cannot fly. Negative people can play a huge role in your life. Try to eliminate such people from your life or at least communicate with them only if you don’t have other choice. Instead, find friends with similar interests and values who will support you and make you better…

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