7 proven ways to be happier

7 proven ways to be happier

It's not possible to be happy all the time. 

But it is possible to be happier much of the time. 

Enjoying happiness is often simpler than many of us think and notably, enjoying happiness is often up to us! And our responses to what's going on around us! 

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The science of happiness is an increasing field of study. We’re discovering that a happy life equals a healthy and fulfilled life, and that it doesn’t come from the places we’d necessarily expect. Wealth, for instance, doesn’t buy happiness — which you should know if you ever read a fairytale in your life — and we now have scientific studies of mood and wealth correlation to prove it. The real ways to hack into your happiness potential? Science says it’s surprisingly easy: exercise, get enough sleep, talk to your friends about your deepest fears, and give that old lady a hand across the road.

Wait, really? Yep. Mood doesn’t just descend on us randomly when we wake up in the morning (unless we have mood disorders, which is another area of research entirely). Human happiness is directly related to our behavior and experiences, and shaping those can be one of the most psychologically profitable experiments you ever do on yourself.

If you really want to make a science out of it, keep a mood journal as you commit to all seven of these practices. Rate your mood over the course of ten days — science says the chances are exceptionally high that by the end, you’ll have experienced more moments of sheer grin-inducing cheer than you did before. Sounds good to me.

1. Really nurture your relationships.

Humans are social animals, and it seems that relationships are an exceptionally strong way of cementing our well-being and overall mood. A 2002 study of students who rated themselves as exceptionally happy showed one factor as most important above all: a tight-knit set of relationships with peers and family.

But it’s not enough to just have a lot of friends — it’s also necessary to develop them into intimate bonds, with serious trust and a lot of sharing of personal information. The accumulation of new Facebook friends isn’t nearly as important to personal wellbeing as it is daring to be vulnerable and deepening existing relationships. Unsurprisingly, we still feel lonely and isolated when surrounded by superficial connections.

2. Get enough sleep.

Yes, your mother is right. You are cranky as hell without the right amount of sleep, and it’s possibly taking a toll on your mood when you’re made to suffer through it repeatedly. A 2015 study surveyed 7000 American adults for their sleep length and average feeling of wellbeing, and guess what? The longer they spent in the sack snoozing, the better they felt.

There’s a catch, though: the research wasn’t able to figure out which one came first, the chicken or the egg. Do happier people get better sleep, or is happiness a result of better sleep? Either way, it seems like good sleep is a habit of happy people — so go ahead and hit the snooze button…

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