4 reasons why following your passions is over rated!!!

4 reasons why following your passions is over rated!!!

Could it really be that happiness might not be best served following one's passions?

This article certainly things so…

via Forbes.com

If you’ve ever told someone you don’t like your job, chances are the person responded by telling you to quit ASAP and just, like, start “following your passion.” And, even though your current position provides status and security, the world (or at least the internet) promises that you’ll be happier once you start “doing what you love.”

While this push to follow your passion makes sense—after all, no one wants to spend years stuck in a cubicle doing tasks we dread—we rarely hear the other side of the argument. That’s why Ben Horowitz’s 2015 commencement speech at Columbia University titled “Don’t Follow Your Passion” surprised the audience. Horowitz, co-founder of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and one of Silicon Valley’s top investors, gave the unconventional advice that our futures shouldn’t be shaped by what we love. Here are his reasons:

1. Passions Are Difficult To Prioritize

“Are you more passionate about math or engineering? Are you more passionate about history or literature? Are you more passionate about video games or K-Pop?” Horowitz asks. It’s usually difficult to answer these questions when you truly feel equally excited about two completely different things. On the other hand, Horowitz believes it’s much easier to determine what you’re good at. Are you better at math or writing? Most people can answer that in an instant.

2. Passions Change Over Time

What Facebook pages did you “like” back in 2010? What pages have you liked recently? If the two are completely different, then you know what Horowitz means when he says that what you care about is always changing. “What you’re passionate about at 21 is not necessarily what you’re going to be passionate about at 40,” Horowitz explains. “This is true for boyfriends as well as career choices.” Even if you finally land the dream position that magically combines everything you love, there’s no guarantee that you’ll still be as crazy about it five years later…

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