7 ways to get more happiness in your life now!

7 ways to get more happiness in your life now!

YOU can generate MORE happiness in your life NOW. 

The first step is to WANT more happiness. 

The second step is to BELIEVE you can create more happiness. 

The third step is to read this article with 7 great happiness generating tips and then put them into practice in your life…

via Melinda Quesenberry & the Elephant Journal

“I’ll be happy when ________ (fill in the blank: I get married, I get a promotion, I lose 10 pounds).”

For many years this phrase ran, unconsciously, through my head.

I believed I would find happiness once I gained or achieved a particular thing.

But as I began to check things off of my list, that I had thought would bring me to a state of absolute happiness, I was disappointed to find that the state of happiness I had been seeking didn’t stick around for long.

There was always something else pending on the horizon; keeping me on the hamster wheel, in a seemingly endless attempt to reach my unlimited source of joy. It began to feel as though I was always waiting for something to happen that would bring this unlimited source of happiness into my life.

What about right now?

What if I jumped off of the hamster wheel and searched for happiness right here, in this moment, instead of waiting around for it. Why wait for a proposal, a promotion or another degree to bring me happiness when I could have it right in this very moment?

I began to study happiness through various authors and documentaries, and eventually experimenting on myself. Through my self-study and experiences, I have found the following seven ways of generating happiness to be effective.

Express gratitude. Throughout all of my readings and research, I continuously come across the concept of gratitude as an important component of happiness. Some might even say it is at the core of happiness. When we express gratitude for the things we have instead of complaining or worrying about the things we don’t have, we are able to cultivate a sense happiness within. Instead of constantly reminding myself of what I didn’t have, I began to focus on all of the wonderful things I do have. There are many ways to express gratitude; one of my favorites is a gratitude walk. While strolling through my neighborhood I point out things in which I am grateful for: blooming flowers, the scent of rain, puppies playing in the yard and so on.

Let go of attachment. Attachment to ideas, beliefs, objects, the way in which we think things should be unfolding in our lives—all of these are blocks to happiness in the present moment. Attachment leads to suffering. When we attach ourselves to an idea, or thinking something should be a certain way, we undoubtedly become disappointed when our unrealistic expectations are not met. Instead try to embrace the unknown and the uncertainty that comes with life—you never know what might be waiting around that next corner…

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