How to find your way back after feeling lost and overwhelmed

How to find your way back after feeling lost and overwhelmed

by Cylon George from PickTheBrain

You’re frazzled. Exhausted.

You feel like life is out of your control.

You have so many obligations to meet. So many people expecting things of you. So many decisions to make. So many distractions.

You watch as your personal goals just fall to the wayside.

You’re caught up in the chaos of life, never sure which direction you’re heading in. You feel lost and paralyzed.

I used to feel this way. It led me to feel off-balanced physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

But I learned how to take control of my life — and so can you.

Whenever you feel lost and overwhelmed by life, use the following strategies to regain balance and clarity:

1. Write a personal mission statement

GPS devices have become ubiquitous in our contemporary society. If you found yourself physically lost or knew that you were traveling to a place you did not know, you probably wouldn’t think twice about using your GPS for directions.

Having a personal mission statement is like owning a spiritual GPS device. In his bestselling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey succinctly describes the personal mission statement as a declaration of “what you want to be (character) and do (contributions or achievements)” based on the “values or principles upon which being and doing are based.”

A personal mission statement can truly be a lifeline when you’re feeling lost. It can help you get back on track by reminding you of the values and principles that matter most to you. If your goals are producing anything other than the vision set forth by you mission statement, tweak or replace them with new goals to help bring your vision to life. Commit to focusing your efforts on your revised plan of action.

If you don’t currently have a mission statement, write yours today. Review it often. Feel free to revise it from time to time too.

2. Create more margin

Do you habitually start your workday immediately after waking up? You may have thought that you can increase your productivity this way. But instead, you feel less focused, tired, and possibly hungry because you skipped breakfast.

Try waking up fifteen minutes earlier each day in order to pause and mindfully begin your day. During this time, you might pray, journal, review your mission statement and goals, or simply sit in silence.

Doing this daily will help you create more margin in your life. Your sense of well-being will increase – so will your sense of direction and your productivity. Soon you’ll be seeking ways to build even more margin into your busy schedule…

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