4 ways to happiness you might have overlooked

4 ways to happiness you might have overlooked

Sometimes we overlook the most obvious things; sometimes we chase happiness in ways that ignore the most obvious. 

Today I invite you NOT to overlook these four simple, but potentially powerful paths to happiness…

by Mike Iamele

Happiness isn’t the easiest thing to come by. We’ve all done the affirmations, practiced our yoga, meditated and eaten healthy — and there’s still no guarantee for happiness.

Part of the problem is that happiness is so subjective. What works for one person might not necessarily work for everyone. We can’t follow anyone else’s model of life, because we’re the only ones who have ever lived our own.

My own happiness increased exponentially when I stopped listening to the advice of everyone around me and started listening to what I actually wanted. In fact, following these four simple, but often overlooked steps, I went from a severe illness and complete misery to finding love, happiness and overwhelming success in just two short years.

Want to become the happiest person you know?

1. Define success for yourself.

Success is the pinnacle of our society — it’s what we’re all after. Whether it’s a successful job, successful relationship, or just a feeling of accomplishment, success has become the end goal for most of us.

But what exactly does it mean? In today’s hyper-connected world, where we can see on Instagram what anyone is eating for dinner, we’re inundated with messages about the lives we’re supposed to want. Everyone from our bosses to our spiritual teachers seems to know what’s best for us. Maybe it is what we want, but maybe it’s not.

If we’re going to create happiness for ourselves, then we need to know what we’re working toward. What does it look like? Feel like? Sound like?

As we start to pick about what success means to us, we can begin to understand who we really are and what we truly value…

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