Would you like to be more in control of your life? Try these 19 great tips!

Would you like to be more in control of your life? Try these 19 great tips!

Life is full of great days and supremely awful days. It's on those bad days that we need a little lift. A logical pick-me-up, if you will, that gets us out of a slump.

by Paul Jarvis from Inc.com

This guide works when bad things happen. Someone trolls you online? Read this. Someone hates your writing, your product, or your business? Read this. Get fired from a job or by a client? Read this. Zombie apocalypse? What's probably more important are zombie-smashing devices and non-perishable provisions (but afterwards…read this).

1. Everyone is always offended.

We're all set in our ways. As much as we tout how open-minded we all are, we all have little nitpicks about everyone else. This shouldn't stop you from doing what you're doing, but it also shouldn't come as a surprise when someone tries to tell you how offended they are by what you just did.

2. Someone being offended means they took notice.

They noticed you, paid attention, and consumed what you made. Sure, they expressed their offended-ness at you, but now you're wasting even more of their time because they're telling you how much or why they hated it. Life will continue, the planet will keep spinning, and no one but you will be the wiser that someone was offended.

3. Not being noticed is universal.

If no one hates you, no one is paying attention. Every single person that you're currently paying attention to, at some point in their lives, was in your exact position. They kept at it and worked enough so that others started listening. If no one is watching yet, you can experience true freedom–dance in your underwear, write entirely for yourself, be weird.

4. You will be judged.

Fear can make us afraid of what others will think. It's not a question of if people will judge you, because they definitely will judge you. People are judgy, and that judgment is scary. While we all care what others have to say, it becomes dangerous when we value their opinions more than our own. The list goes, in order of importance: 1. Our opinion of ourselves, 2. (which is a distant second) Everyone else's opinion of us.

5. There's a difference between respect and judgment.

Being judged and being respected are not the same thing. People can think you're an awful person and still hold you in high regard. Conversely, if someone judges you as a nice person or a decent human being, it doesn't mean they respect you. People walk all over nice and decent human beings all the time. On the other hand, people don't tend to walk all over people they respect…

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