The best people make time for the things that allow them to be their best!

The best people make time for the things that allow them to be their best!

Having worked with literally thousands of clients over the years, from all walks of life, I've noticed that the happiest and most successful people always make time for the things that allow them to be the happiest and most successful people. 

Exercise is one of the constants I notice in the lives of those who're happy and productive; and exercise is, more often than not, non negotiable. 

Do you want to enjoy more happiness and success? If so, are you making time for exercise and other activities that boost your energy and motivation and passion etc? 

Check out this article from the Huffington Post about why productive people always have time for exercise and note that this isn't just about productivity and exercise; in my humble opinion the same principles work for happiness and other restorative practices such as meditation etc…

by Tyler Tervooren

Sven and Jack are two hearty loggers. One day, Jack challenges Sven: who can hand cut the most trees in a single day? Sven, sure of himself, accepts the challenge.

The rules are simple: each gets one saw to fall the most trees by the end of the day. The winner gets a gourmet lunch prepared by the other for a whole week.

When the whistle blows to start the competition, Jack picks up his saw and gets right to work. Sven takes a different route. Instead of hustling to his first tree, he pulls out his sharpening kit, sits down with his back against a stump, and spends 45-minutes honing the several hundred serrated edges on his trusty tool.

The other loggers taunt Sven. "What are you wasting so much time for? Hope you like wearing a chef's hat!"

But Sven knows better. He knows the 45 minutes look like wasted time, but they'll actually translate into many more minutes in productive tree-cutting.

When Sven finally starts, Jack is several trees ahead of him. But he's also tired. The dull saw is overworking him, and he's slowing down. Sven, however, rips through tree after tree. His razor-sharp saw falls them effortlessly.

By early afternoon, Jack has given up. He's hunched over, exhausted. Sven blows past him, falling trees well into the evening and, at the end of the day, stands tall looking over his accomplishment without so much as a heavy breath…

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