How to live the happiest life possible – advice from 1000 elderly experts!

How to live the happiest life possible – advice from 1000 elderly experts!

In his book 30 Lessons For Living, Karl Pillemer interviewed over 1,000 elderly Americans in their 80s and 90s and asked for their advice on, among other things, how to live the happiest life possible. Here's the collective advice as it pertains to living the good life.

by Danny Baker from the Huffington Post

Time is of the essence

Live as though life is short – because it is. The point is not to be depressed by this knowledge but to act on it, making sure to do the important things now.

Happiness is a choice, not a condition.

Happiness isn't a condition that occurs when circumstances are perfect or nearly so. Sooner or later you need to make a deliberate choice to be happy in spite of the challenges and difficulties.

Marry someone a lot like you.

Similarity in core values and background is the key to a happy marriage. And forget about changing someone after marriage.

Don't just commit to your partner – commit to marriage itself.

Make a commitment to the idea of marriage and take it seriously. There are enormous benefits to seeing the marriage as bigger than the immediate needs of each partner.

When it comes to your kids, it's all about time.

Sacrifice is necessary to spend the maximum amount of time possible with your children. You and your children need to be together in the flow of daily household life and not just during planned "quality time"…

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