10 calming quotes for when anger rears its ugly head

10 calming quotes for when anger rears its ugly head

I've said it before and I'll say it again…when viewing happiness and a good life realistically, it's important to note that we'll all experience some "negative emotions". 

No one enjoys positive emotions, such as happiness and joy and contentment and calm…all the time. Not even me, Dr. Happy! 

There's even a strong argument for stating that the so called "negative emotions" are not just normal, but that they can play a useful role. At times. And in context. 

But we don't really want TOO much of them and we don't really want them to become toxic by lasting for TOO long. So next time you experience one of the more common negative emotions, anger, try one or more of these calming quotes and see how quickly you can return to happiness and contentment…

by Alden Tan from Pick The Brain

Anger be tough.

It can spawn its ugly minions, like frustration, fear, anxiety, stress and even rage.

It can feel like its eating you up inside as it practically ruins your entire day while filling your head with a bunch of angry, negative thoughts.

Let’s cool it a little shall we?

Here are 10 quotes on anger to help calm you down

1) “If you get angry easily, it may be because the seed of anger in you has been watered frequently over many years, and unfortunately you have allowed it or even encouraged it to be watered.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Indeed, you’re responsible for your anger.

Effectively, to constantly water it would mean you’ve created the habit of anger. You’re probably even addicted to it.

To stop being so angry, you’ve to break out of anger. Stop watering the angry seed within, live your life and start planting other seeds!

2) “Speak when you are angry – and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret.”

– Laurence J. Peter

You’ll never mean the things you say when you’re angry. So try to be calm. You don’t want to end up saying things that’d only serve to produce guilt and regret.

3) “Where there is anger, there is always pain underneath.”

-Eckhart Tolle

Anger is not a primary emotion. It’s secondary.

You’ve find the root cause of your anger. What is it? Fear? Rejection? Sadness? Guilt?

It’s going to be terrifying, but you’ve to be honest with yourself and start asking the bigger questions in order to overcome anger…

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