Here’s what mentally strong people know. And it’s not what you think!

Here’s what mentally strong people know. And it’s not what you think!

Happiness isn't just about enjoying the good times. 

It is about enjoying the good times but it's also about getting through the tough times; and this requires certain skills some people seem to have more than others. 

But that being said, we can all learn from these menally stong people and accordingly, we can become mentally strong(er) ourselves. And when we do that we enjoy more happiness and less distress. 

So check out these simple but powerful tips from Amy Morin's new book via the Oprah website…

How can we bounce back from tough times, criticism and conflict? Mentally strong people have a few core beliefs that bring them peace and resilience, says Amy Morin, LCSW in her new book 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do.

1. Being mentally strong isn't about acting tough.

You don't have to become a robot, or appear to have a tough exterior, when you're mentally strong. Instead, it's about acting according to your values.

2. Mental strength doesn't require you to ignore your emotions.

Increasing your mental strength isn't about suppressing your emotions; instead, it's about developing a keen awareness of them. It's about interpreting and understanding how your emotions influence your thoughts and behavior.

3. Being mentally strong doesn't mean you have to be completely self-reliant.

Mental strength isn't about proclaiming that you don't ever need help from anyone, or from any type of higher power. Admitting you don't have all the answers, asking for help when you need it and acknowledging that you can gain strength from a higher power is a sign of a desire to grow stronger…

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