10 great ways to improve your life this year!

10 great ways to improve your life this year!

There are lots of articles being posted at the moment about how to achieve your New Years Resolutions and how to make 2015 a year of happiness and success. 

And we're loving it. 

I don't think there can be too many because as I've stated many times before, different people will find happiness and success via different paths. 

So some of you will pick up different things from different articles which is why we'll keep posting these practical tips with the hope that ultimately we'll help as many people as possible. 

So if you're wanting maximum happiness, health and wellbeing this year then keep reading and let us know what works best for you…

by Sherrie Campbell from the Huffington Post

There is no greater an energy sucker in life than negativity. Whether it is your own negative attitude, spending time around negative people or being stuck in a negative situation, life quality is greatly decreased by negativity. To experience negative times is normal but to be imbued with negative energy, situations and relationships is life altering. Negativity limits our potential to become something great and it keeps us from living a purposeful, hopeful and fulfilling life. People who stay miserable in life have greater amounts of stress, increase in health problems and less opportunity in life because they cannot see past the negativity to the opportunity. To become more positive we have to make a conscious decision to change our thinking, and accept that life will bring difficulty and negative moments. Our choice must be to live effectively within the challenging times.

1. Accept challenge as a natural part of life: No amount of positive thinking will take a challenge away but there are positive ways to see our challenges. Our painful emotions cannot defeat us. We do not need to rid ourselves of negative emotions and nor do we need to over attached to them. All painful emotions will come and go through the natural process of life. If we have a bad mood, we don't need fight it with trying to think positive. Accept the mood and trust that it will pass. Trust that each challenge is here to help you grow and do your best to live effectively when challenged.

2. Self -reliant: It is when we are self-centered that we are apt to become the most negative towards ourselves and others. When we see life as all about us it is easy to believe that we deserve more than what we have. An attitude of entitlement sets us up for unrealistic expectations that others should cater to all our needs and wants. This type of attitude makes us dependent. The surest way to a happier life is to be able to depend upon ourselves to get our needs met. Dependency is a vain state of existence which creates us be an "energy sucker" for others.

3. See life as full of opportunity: When we see life in terms of lack or what we do not have we cannot appreciate the beautiful nuances our life brings. Learning to see and appreciate all that we do have makes us grateful. Grateful people see the good while negative people complain. There is nothing more draining for others than to be around someone who constantly complains about life. Learn to see everything as opportunity. Shift from selfishness into gratefulness. This attitude gets noticed by others, it makes yus more attractive, and from this, more possibilities open up. People that don't appreciate the nuances of their lives live in a constant state of suffering…

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