6 magic little nuggets of wisdom for more happiness

6 magic little nuggets of wisdom for more happiness

Simple but profound…these 6 well known but rarely applied tips will bring you massive amounts of happiness; but only if you put them into practice in your life. 

by CLAIRE DOROTIK-NANA from PsychCentral

There is a lot that’s said about happiness. Money can’t buy it, others can’t create it for you, stuff doesn’t lead to it, and neither does isolation.

So we meditate, eat right, exercise, pray (or not), try our best to make real and lasting relationships, have stable jobs, and try to be nice to the ones we love.

But how do we know if we are really getting there?

Well here are six things we know –because the data show them — that do lead to happiness:

Wisdom is the ability to adapt. There is nothing that is truly set in stone, and evolutionary patterns demonstrate that there are no patterns. Successful businesses also show no clear patterns. And certainly, happiness shows no pattern either. Therefore, the ability to find happiness depends on adapting to whatever set of circumstances we are dealt. It is the difference between regret and gratitude, and acceptance of life on “life’s terms” and a life filled with shoulds. Because there are no shoulds. There is only what is. And happiness depends on the ability to adapt to life as it is.

Happiness is in the pursuit of our goals, and not the achievement of them. If the achievement of the goal led to happiness, presumably all gold medal wearing Olympic athletes would be incredibly happy. But they are not. In fact, many athletes suffer from “post achievement let-down” which is a feeling of emptiness, lack of purpose, and even depression, about no longer having anything to strive for. Because as much as we think we will be happy when we achieve our goals — the truth is we are happiest when we are in the thick of the pursuit — when everything we do smacks with purpose, meaning, and the pursuit of something worth fighting for…

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