4 mantras for love and happiness

4 mantras for love and happiness

Is there anything more important for happiness than love? 

Surely when one loves and is loved then happiness results? 

In this article from MindBodyGreen, David Arenson proposes 4 mantras for love and happiness…

"Love and compassion … are the ultimate source of human happiness, and the need for them lies at the very core of our being." -Dalai Lama

We were born into maya — the illusion of separation that obscures the truth of ourselves. The whole universe seems real and finite to us, yet many scientists now believe we are part of multiple universes, a multiverse. The illusion runs even deeper into other dimensions — particles demonstrating intelligence and holographic connectivity. Not just inside the universe — within our own bodies, we're dancing with electricity.

We are all a part of something so awesome, so inspiring, so massive and so fantastic!

Yet, so many — particularly Westerners — feel disconnected, fragmented, frustrated, fatigued, unsatisfied, unhappy, depleted, overworked, stressed, are suffering from sickness, and are perhaps overweight and unhealthy.

Many people feel a spiritual hunger that is not being satisfied by their work, relationships, material ambitions or even just the battle to produce enough to sustain themselves. They feel far removed from our cosmic connection and destiny.

For many, life is like climbing an endless mountain and never reaching the top.

Or, maybe more like the Greek myth of Sisyphus …

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