10 Happiness Hacks for a Better Day

10 Happiness Hacks for a Better Day

There are things we can all do to make our days better and to enjoy more happiness…

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Even the most chilled out, happy-go-lucky guys and girls get a bit down in the dumps now and then.

It’s understandable.

Modern life is haaaaaard.

You’d have thought with technology – email, social media, and phones that have more power than a NASA computer (true story – http://www.thedailycrate.com/2014/02/01/geek-tech-apollo-guidance-computer-vs-iphone-5s/) life would be a cakewalk. But no Siree.

Everyone feels a overwhelmed from time to time, and we all like a good rant (as I demonstrated recently by switching from the traditional “Motivational Monday” posts on FB to my very own “Miserable Monday” where you’re perfectly in your right to complain and bitch about whatever you want.)

Being miserable is okay.

Provided you snap out of it again quick sharp.

It’s easy to get stuck in the misery cycle though – finding anything you can to get depressed about.

That’s why you need this – 10 Hacks for a Happier Life.

* Warning: Do not employ all this at the same time, otherwise you may become happier than this guy. And that would just piss everyone off. *

Write down all the cool stuff you want to do

I remember 2 and-a-bit years ago (actually it was almost 3)

It was January, and I had a bad case of the blues …… the Post-Christmas blues.

I had a break at home between clients, and slumped on the sofa.

It was cold, it was miserable and raining, and I was exhausted (this was the time I was doing 50 one-on-one PT sessions a week, with extra travelling between each one.)

I started thinking about all the cool stuff I dreamed of doing.

And then I thought “Why am I thinking about this, not doing it?”

I couldn’t just get up, cancel clients and go and do whatever the hell I wanted that minute, but I knew I could put a plan in place to do just that.

I started small, writing –

–       Day trip to the New Forest

–       Visit grandma

–       Cinema with friends

And then these got bigger and bigger –

–       Go to Amsterdam

–       Write an e-book

–       Start a new company

I ended up with a list of about 25 things, from those as small as “finish watching every episode of Frasier” to the above “start a new company” (the birth of HLHL.)

Just doing that made me feel 100% better. And you know what, by December, I’d crossed all of them off.

Identify a negative and get rid of it

We all have stuff we don’t want to do.

So why do we still do it?

It’s fear of the unknown, and wondering if we’d be worse off getting rid of it.

I say just get rid of it.

Pull of the plaster, cut the chord, and sweep the rug away from yourself.

Whether it’s telling someone you once considered a friend to “do one,” outsourcing a task you hate, or jacking in your job – find something and ditch it, there and then.

Do something nice for someone for no reason whatsoever

The look on someone’s face when you make the smallest kind gesture is enough to lift anyone out of a sulk.

Buy your buddy a bottle of beer, take your Mum some flowers, or make your colleague a coffee. Anything works…

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