If you self-sabotage…here’s how you can stop!

If you self-sabotage…here’s how you can stop!

Address these forms of self-sabotage and enjoy more happiness and success…

by Andrea Ayers-Deets from The Next Web

Are things going relatively well for you? Have people told you, you are doing a good job?

Do you want to ruin all of that?

Come with me on a journey of self-sabotage…

Step 1: Diminish your success

Take a success you’ve had in the past, any success large or small. Now tell yourself it doesn’t matter. Make up reasons for why it doesn’t count as a real success.

Use your keen eye for detail to describe how others did it better than you and how your success was the result of some sort of freak accident. For bonus points, when someone brings up a success you’ve had, start an argument with them about it.

If possible, spend all of your free time on Twitter and Facebook ruthlessly comparing yourself to everyone else. This is also a great time to highlight your personal flaws! #multitasking

Step 2: Dwell on the past

Remember when you first set off on your own? Take the mistakes you inevitably made during that time and comb over them.

Better yet, imagine how great your life would have been had you not made those mistakes. Yep, you’d probably have everything you’ve ever wanted by now had it not been for those horrifying mistakes you can’t do anything about.

Don’t forget, when a new opportunity comes your way TAKE IT and then immediately tell yourself you did not deserve it and will fail.

Step 3: Tell yourself ‘It’s too late’

When you venture outside take note of how put-together everyone looks. They all have it figured out, everyone except you. View each person as a competitor—a mortal enemy.

I mean just look at them, sitting there, drinking their coffee like they are better than you.

You just know they are all getting exactly what they want out of life, everyone but you. How do you compete with that? You don’t! It’s better to just give up.

How to stop sabotaging yourself in three somewhat less easy steps

If anyone ever needs a TED talk done about self-sabotage, I’m your person. I’ve been self-sabotaging myself for a very long time. I create my own self-fulfilling prophecies of failure. But there are only so many times you can set yourself up for disaster before you realize something has to change.

So here are some ways I plan on changing it, hopefully there are some valuable lessons for you too…

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