6 questions to ask yourself every day!

6 questions to ask yourself every day!

by Moppland from PickTheBrain

Life is fleeting. Moments are there for an instant and then they are gone. Do you enjoy these moments or do you merely use them as a means to an end? Are these moments springboards to reach the next checkpoint, or are you relishing each one? It is very easy to allow the busyness of everyday to impede your enjoyment of each moment and each day. Your job keeps you busy. Your family keeps you busy. Your social life keeps you busy. It is okay to be busy when you are in tune with what is keeping you busy. But is it okay to be busy and unfulfilled, or dare I say, unhappy?

Shift the manner in which you go about your day by simply observing your thoughts and your actions. Throughout your day ask yourself questions to ensure you are engaged in what you are doing. This change will require an enormous amount of awareness on your part. You need to ask yourself these questions frequently throughout your day. Some of the questions need to be asked more often than others but asking yourself these questions, and responding with honest answers, will help you assess how content you are during your days.

I don’t intend to have you walking around asking yourself questions aloud and then answering them as well, but with the constant flow of thoughts that you experience throughout your day, it is necessary to have a gauge of which thoughts are rational and which are irrational. It will help you decipher what is true reality and what is imagined reality. You can begin to sift through the drama of the mind, and live the life you desire, not the life your mind desires. Here are six important questions to ask yourself without judgment everyday:

1. Am I present?

It is number one for a reason. You need to ask yourself this question continuously as you go about your day. Are you living in the given moment right now, which is the only moment you can do anything about, or are you focused on something from the past or something that has yet to occur in the future? What is your attention on right now? So much of your worry, fear, stress, and emotional pain is due to your inability to live in the present moment. If you are truly living in the present and enjoying everything you have in that moment you would not experience any of these negative emotions. It is the constant chatter of your mind that causes you to become upset, angry, depressed, and sad. This chatter is rarely targets the present moment. It is concerned with something that happened in your past or something that is going to happen in the future. When you notice your mind beginning its dialogue simply ask yourself, am I present? Bring yourself back to neutral and be in the moment. It is the only moment you can control right now.

2. Am I serving others?

Have you helped someone else today? So much of your satisfaction and joy in life stems from serving other people. Life is not solely about you receiving all that you want and need. No! It is essential for you to find ways to help other people throughout your day. It doesn’t need to be an extensive act of servitude. A simple gesture such as nice compliment to a coworker or assisting an elderly person as they cross the street can do wonders. As your day gets busy and your thoughts become self-serving, ask yourself, am I serving others or how can I serve others today? And serve others for the joy of serving, not because you expect something in return…

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