If you want more happiness you might want to STOP thinking about these 15 things

If you want more happiness you might want to STOP thinking about these 15 things

by Alden Tan from Pick the Brain

Our level of happiness largely depends on the things that are going around in our heads.

Unfortunately, a lot of us tend to dwell on the dark side and start thinking way too many negative thoughts.

This is important. Your thoughts can make or break your day. It’s time to drop the bad, the unnecessary and the toxic so we can all enjoy life. Why let a few thoughts decide how good our day is?

Here are 15 things to stop thinking about so you can be happy

1) What he or she said

Did somebody just say something that hit you in the nerves?

Be it an insult, a subtle put down or plain sarcasm, stop rerunning it over and over in your head. It’s not worth it.

Besides, you shouldn’t take it personally. It could be nothing.

2) The stresses of work

Go to work. Play your part. Do your job well.

When you punch out, leave everything else at the office. It’s time to enjoy your day. Stop thinking about work and focus on your own life already.

You are not your job.

3) Something bad that happened in the past

I know this is a very “easier said than done” point, but it’s true, we need to let go of the past and start focusing on the present.

If you think about it, the past does not exist anymore and thinking about it would never produce anything worthwhile for you or your life.

So do what it takes to let it go. If you feel you need therapy, just go for it.

4) The future

Speaking of time, we shouldn’t waste too many thoughts for the future by piling up a bunch of expectations.

Lower them! If they’re too high, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment ONLY.

Besides, it’s more fun this way. When you drop the expectations, the surprises would feel more amazing.

5) The breakup

Breakups hurt, but you’ll be fine.

Give yourself your time to heal. Give yourself the chance to experience love again.

You can’t get any of those if you’re constantly thinking of the broken relationship…

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