10 powerful sayings to help you when you’re down

10 powerful sayings to help you when you’re down

We all have good days; and we all have bad days. 

Even Dr. Happy feels sad and angry and anxious and frustrated at times. 

It's normal to get down but it's also important to do what you can to pick yourself up as soon as you can so you can return to and enjoy some more happiness. 

If you're looking for some help in this department, then look no further. These 10 powerful mantras will bring you some happiness quick smart…

via Amy Peterson and the Times Online…

Ultimately, each of us is responsible for our own happiness. Sometimes it's easy to be happy, but the challenges of life often make happiness seem elusive. One way to keep going even when things are difficult is to think positively. Mantras can help. Here are 10 phrases to motivate and lift you when you're feeling down.

1. Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful. This mantra inspires you to find wonder and joy in an imperfect world. Joy can be found in simple things, like a beautiful fall leaf, a child's hug, a text from a friend or accomplishing something. Look for something wonderful in your life.

2. It's a good day to have a good day. I like the straight forward nature of this saying. Why not have a good day? Try to start the day with a positive attitude and see what happens.

3. Do more of what makes you happy. Even a day full of work and tasks should have some happiness in it. Take a few minutes each day to do some things that make you happy. Hug a child, dance to your favorite song, eat something delicious, take a few minutes to call a friend or make time for a hobby you enjoy. Life is full of unpleasant tasks. Counter those with things that make you happy…

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