10 Truths Happy People Never Forget

10 Truths Happy People Never Forget

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by Farnoosh Brock

Happiness got difficult when I moved to America.

As an immigrant teenager to the US, everything seemed shiny and bright, rich and colorful. And everything seemed so out of reach at the time.

I started to imagine a life where I would have everything the American high school kid had, fancy clothes, nice sports gear, and oh my god, their very own car. And in the process, I lost my own sense of happiness and joy.

In fact, I decided it would be ridiculous to be happy when I had so little in comparison.

That was the beginning of my journey into unhappiness. Even though my life has been truly amazing, and I had more than ever before after moving to America, I could only see what I lacked when I looked at what I thought made up this brave new world’s definition happiness. What you owned. What you wore. Where you lived. What friends you hung out iwth. What you drove. And what you did.

And that is an extremely inaccurate way to measure any level of happiness.

Then I learned the truth: those who have extremely little in this world can be the happiest among us, and likewise, those that seem to have it all on the outside could be battling demons of depression on the inside.

The appearance of happiness has very little to do with happiness itself, because happiness is an internal state of being, and only you control that place, not your circumstances or your past or your possessions.

That was the beginning of a better journey, finding my way out of unhappiness and into true peace and lasting happiness.

You can be happy in any moment in time, any time of day, any day of the week if only you decide. So if you wanted to be happy all the time, well guess what, you could be.

The trouble is that most of us never learn about this internal state of being, this place inside where all joy and happiness lives if only we could access it. So we stumble through life, searching for happiness, trying so hard to find it and then to hold on to it with dear life.

The sweet irony of that as Henry David Thoreau once wrote is this: “Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder …”

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