You can be happy if you do these things…but not if you do them twice!

You can be happy if you do these things…but not if you do them twice!

I liked this article from Elle of ReflectingALife and hope you do too…

We’ve all been there. Got involved with the wrong person, made many a wrong decision, ignored something we should have paid more attention to, said yes when we should have said no. But what we might not have done is make the decision to never go back to what didn’t work before.

In fact, chances are we’ve done the same thing over and over countless times.

At the best of times you use adversity and challenge to grow stronger, to become greater than ever before…at the worst of times you give in and give up. Don’t do that to yourself. It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can decide that the blocks that stand between you and your best self will never get the better of you, and that comes a lot easier when you’ve made up your mind to never go back.

Take the smarter road and follow the lead of those happy, successful people who’ve woken up to the fact that by not repeating mistakes, their life gets better.

Happy successful people never again:

1. Forget that this day counts

You only have so many days left to love and be joyful on this earth. Don’t squander the blessing of life. Do something. It doesn’t mean you have to work your fingers to the bone, but do something that’s worthwhile to you, where you are, right now. Maybe something nourishing for your spirit, your body, your loved ones. But get going and make it happen.

2. Ignore a new idea

Who hasn’t had a brilliant idea, in the shower, in the car, on their morning walk and knew they’d remember it, but it drifted out of their grasp? However incredibly brilliant an idea is, it can be lost in the blink of an eye. Remember, one good idea could change everything. Practice valuing your ideas, they contain your future. Remember to make a note of them when they arrive, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in your life.

3. Let roadblocks hinder their progress

The easiest way to circumvent any blockages is to simply see yourself on the other side. And keep that mental picture until you arrive. Look upon roadblocks as gifts taking you down the path where your dreams are waiting. Learn from them, let them empower you to rise even higher…

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